I ship using USPS (United States Postal Service). I use 'Flat Rate' Shipping. 


Due to the nature of soap, I do not accept refunds or returns. Soap is an intimate, sanitary product that i cannot resell once it leaves Great Lakes Soapery Studio. Cancellations will not be accepted after the order has been shipped. I state every ingredient clearly on the website as well as the label. Please be sure to read correctly and proceed as needed.


All soaps are wrapped in a food-grade, acid-free, oxo-biodegradable shrink film. Biolefin TM is a 100% biodegradable (Oxo-biodegradable) plastic shrink wrap that quickly bio-degrades into food for bacteria and other micro-organism’s after entering the environment. It does not degrade into micro plastics! I also use recycled paper for the cigar labels that the soaps are wrapped in. I package all orders with paper shred and tissue paper inside a well fitted box which goes into a padded shipping envelope. (At this time the tissue paper isn't recycled, but you can recycle any and all paper products once you are finished with them).